About Us

Here at Tradie Bootsl we understand the struggle of trying to find quality shoes that EVERYBODY in your team loves to wear and that doesn’t break the bank.

Our founder and director is a tradie’s wife, she lives and breathes the success and challenges of a Tradie’s daily life. She understands the struggle of finding workwear that makes a hard day’s work a bit more bearable – comfortable, compliant and on trend.

This is why we are passionate about helping Tradie’s access the best practical apparel that is also cost effective. We offer everything a tradie could need from pants, jackets, and work boots to safety gear and everything in between. We aim to constantly seek the best quality workwear brands that will meet each tradies individual needs. We understand that the clothing needs of a plumber are vastly different to that of a carpenter. We aim to ensure that every tradie has access to workwear that is suited to their own individual needs and preferences.